There is so much information on pollution problems in the news and all over the Internet that most folks are at least aware that there is a problem. The pollution problem is much graver in some places over others but we are all contributors. Pollution is one side effect of the global increase in population and will continue to be unless we act. Every person breathes air and you would assume that men and women cared more about the air they are breathing. Many people don’t even take the time to know what’s taking place with this issue.

The individuals who think about it the most are those suffering from health conditions, because of what they have been breathing for years. As it gets worse, do you realize how bad it will be by the time you are gone? There are a lot of individuals who have the attitude that they won’t be around, so why should they care? Dealing with the issues at hand is crucial if you have a family that you should take care of. How will your children and their children think about our generation when they have to face the problem at its worst?

You don’t have to do a lot, only a little bit at a time. There is a view that as an individual, we are unable to make a positive change to the society we live in. With proper education, lots of people could be encouraged to help out, and it would only be a matter of time but the individuals would become groups, and a huge impact could be made. If one individual never became more than that, it likely would be a waste of time, but for every individual that became two, eventually the amount of pollution would be reduced. All it really will take is to teach one generation early on so that it will be something quite typical to them. The more people that know about this idea, the more it will spread and grow.For example, instead of using cars, we could try using bicycles for a change if the distance to our workplace is within 5km. It will be both environment friendly and also cost friendly as you can easily find the top road bikes under 500.

People have gotten accustomed to technology and big companies to do the work, when in fact it is their right to exercise their freedom and help the world. Support the companies that believe in living green concepts, and pass that on to their customers. Enacting laws on pollution and putting pressure on the government to do this is a vital step. Don’t purchase cars that use up too much gas because this will help car companies produce environmentally friendly cars.

Being environmentally friendly and knowing how is possible through knowledge and education. Don’t dwell on the past, and concentrate on what you can do so that you can make a good impact. Why wouldn’t you be proactive in fixing a problem that is harmful to your health and your children’s health?