If you’re headed to the beach, you might think that it’s a bad idea to lug along a bunch of extra tech toys. This is true. Water, sand, and heat don’t go well with many typical tech gadgets.
However, that’s certainly not the case for every gadget out there. Here’s a look at a few technological marvels that fit right in at the beach.

  1. Amazon Kindle –The iPad has been touted as Apple’s answer to the Kindle, but for all its elegant design, it looks pretty bad in direct sunlight. This is not so for the Kindle, which displays crisp, clear text even in the brightest light–just like the pages of a book. It also has enormous battery life, so you won’t have to worry about your eBook suddenly shutting off while you’re sunbathing.

The Sony eReader is another great eBook device to take with you to the beach. Just be sure to pack a little sunscreen before you become too absorbed in a book to notice your skin peeling.

  1. iPod Shuffle –Let’s throw Apple a bone after we trashed the iPad. Every trip to the beach should include some music, and while bigger music players have too many cracks and crevices where sand can creep in and damage electronics, the iPod Shuffle is small enough to avoid these serious complications. There’s something fun about hearing random music, too, and you can spend a few worry free hours at the beach with a good enough summer playlist.
  2. Solio Cell Phone Charger –This somewhat-expensive cell phone charger uses pure solar energy to charge your devices, making it worth its $70 asking price. It works extremely well, and allows you to go green every time you’re lounging on the sand.
  3. Video Swim Mask – This camcorder from the geniuses at ThinkGeek allows you to take video of all of the cool stuff you see in the ocean. It’s particularly good for shallow water snorkeling, or sneaking up on people’s ankles and scaring the living daylights out of them. It’s a steal at $99, and connects to your computer easily via USB. It also takes still pictures, and it’s the closest thing on this list to being an android.
  4. OverBoard Waterproof Cases No matter what you’re taking to the beach, you’ll need to keep it clean and free of water. OverBoard offers cases for iPods, cell phones, and just about anything that completely keep water out. Keeping your awesome tech gadgets protected is important; don’t skimp on your case.

What are your favorite tech products to bring to the beach? Post in our comments section below.